Webinar “Emerging from COVID-19: Key Mindsets for a Resilient Public Sector”

What qualities are needed for civil servants to ensure the sustainability of the public sector and how to change mindsets of the civil servants? These questions were the main subject of discussion at an online webinar organized by the Astana Civil Service Hub in cooperation with the DO School Innovation Lab GMBH, Germany (DO School). The webinar was attended by representatives of authorized bodies, scientists, experts and practitioners from 15 countries of the world.

The findings of the DO School research were presented at the international event. They were based on non-traditional and innovative approaches to change the perception and mindsets of public and private sector employees in times of crisis.

By opening the webinar, the representative of the Astana Civil Service Hub  Ms. Togzhan Akhmetzhanova noted the relevance of the webinar to the current situation and the need to develop further cooperation between the countries of the region in this direction.

The key speaker of the event, the founder of the DO School – Mr. Florian Hoffmann introduced to the participants the cutting-edge methods of changing the way of thinking of employees. Particularly, he provided to the listeners examples of an “urgent” mindset, guiding participants how to go beyond traditional thinking and be more effective in solving important issues in a short notice.

He also talked about the importance of following a resilience mindset, keeping your main ideas and plans, as well as adapting them in needed time. In conclusion, Mr. Hoffmann emphasized that the use of the “abundance” mindset allows participants to go beyond the limitations and focus on the opportunities during such crises, to analyze what chances the current situation can give and how it is possible to have a positive impact on an uncontrollable situation.

After his speech, a discussion took place, where the participants exchanged their views and opinions on related issues


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