Parents are not happy with new school system

A new assessment system was introduced in parallel with the updated content of education.


All schools in Kazakhstan are gradually moving to updated content of education: in 2016 – 1 class, in 2017 – 2,5,7 classes, in 2018 – 3,6,8 classes.

In parallel with the introduction of the new program in schools, the student assessment system changing. The so called criterion system is based on a comparison of students achievements with the described factors, which allow us to determine how successfully the material is mastered and practical skills are formed.


However, many parents and teachers, accustomed to the traditional five-point scale, are not ready to accept the new reality. Some believe that such sections lead the student into depression , while the second , respectively, simply do not have time physically to conduct and check such a huge number of tests at the same time. Government figured out why the new system causes so many complaints from society, and whether replacing marks with points can raise the level of education in the country.

Bayanova Amina


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