The price of rent in Petropavlovsk has risen

Rent has risen sharply in Petropavlovsk, where thousands of Russians have arrived. On the website, you can find an advertisement for a one-room apartment with an area of 35 square meters on the top floor of a five-story building for 417,000 tenge. According to realtors, these figures are the maximum. On average, renting a one-room apartment for a month costs 200,000. Those with good repair and furniture are the most expensive. In the Department of Entrepreneurship and Industrial and Innovative Development, the North Kazakhstan region claims that prices have risen by about 20%. However, quite recently, a one-room apartment in the city could be rented for only 50-100 thousand tenge. Analysts of the online ad service OLX calculated that the number of search queries for the keyword “apartment” in Petropavlovsk increased by 80%, but the number of ads themselves increased by only 30%. There is not much rental housing in the northernmost city in Kazakhstan.
Judging by the posts on social networks, there are cases when, after a rent increase, the owners of apartments evict old tenants who are not able to pay for housing at the new rates. The excitement increased in connection with the mass arrival of residents of the Russian Federation in the region after the announcement of partial mobilization.
It is worth noting that not everyone seeks to cash in on visitors. There are ads on social networks from those who want to take one to three people to their homes for free. At the station, in the waiting room, volunteers are on duty, who treat visitors with hot tea, pilaf, and pies. They also distribute memos where, for example, the main rules of the migration legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, contacts of apartment bureaus, taxis, currency exchange offices, and the addresses of the public service center are indicated. By the way, in Petropavlovsk, a separate center for serving foreigners was placed in the spacious building of the Youth Palace, saving the main public service center from long queues. Recall that one-room apartments in the city are rented for 400 thousand tenge per month and 30 thousand per day.

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