The press secretaries are trained to interact with the public in social networks

The best practices of using social networks in the public sector are studied by the heads of the press services of the central government agencies of Kazakhstan. Astana Civil Service Hub and the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan are holding a two–day seminar called “Social networks – an effective platform for interaction between government agencies and the public”. 

Opening the seminar, the Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Hub Alikhan Baimenov stressed that “currently social networks are effective, but not requiring financial costs from the state, communication tool.” In this regard, “one of the critical factors in increasing confidence in government agencies is the communication and explanation of government decisions to citizens in an accessible language understandable to the population, which, in turn, can give impetus to the following bold and timely decisions. Therefore, it is important for press service employees to have digital skills in interacting with the public” said Baimenov.

The Chairman of the Information Committee of the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kanat Iskakov stressed that the experience of the civil service is moving to a new proactive stage, in which civil servants not only answer citizens’ questions but also solve issues, implement initiatives emanating from citizens. He also recalled that the evaluation list of civil servants’ activities would include their work in social networks starting next year.

Georgian experts Ani Sirbiladze and Irakli Gvinianidze spoke about digital trends in the world and the region to promote government agencies in social media. They also touched upon the role of social networks during state crises and, in this regard, presented the world’s best practices on the work of press services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the seminar, the participants analyzed cases and discussed content types and styles of digital communication to communicate effectively with the population. For example, they examined and analyzed the design and content of the official pages of several Georgia and Kazakhstan government agencies in social networks.

They also studied the leading online platforms, their algorithms, user behavioral reactions, planning, and visualization methods in social networks. The participants also exchanged experiences and discussed the challenges in recent years during state crises and ways to solve them.

About 30 press secretaries, official representatives, and SMM managers of central government agencies of Kazakhstan took part in the seminar in an online and offline format.


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