ACSH shared experience in developing partnership networks

Three-day virtual Inter-regional Dialogue was devoted to the role and necessity of the cooperation in search for responses to the COVID-19 pandemic challenges, and for ways to ensure coherence and integrations of regional and inter-regional policies and measures.  The event… > > >

HR problems in public administration were discussed at the ACSH panel session

Over 200 representatives of authorized government bodies, practitioners and experts from 10 countries of the region took part in the panel session “HR Processes in Public Administration: Challenges and Prospects” organized by the Astana Civil Service Hub (ACSH) and the… > > >

Public Institutions’ Capacities for Resilient Recovery Discussed at the International Symposium

Participants from 70 countries have exchanged views on challenges and lessons learned on how to promote effective institutions and sustainable recovery from Covid-19 pandemic. The Symposium was held in online format and dedicated to the issues of effective, inclusive and… > > >

Key Factors for Overcoming the Crisis: Effective Governance and Trust

Over 250 representatives of government agencies, international organizations, including the OECD, and universities from 20 countries of Europe, Asia and America participated in the panel session of the Astana Civil Service Hub  on “Governance and Trust in a New Reality”,… > > >

Representatives of more than 20 countries discussed governments’ crisis communications in the context of COVID-19 pandemic on the Astana Civil Service Hub platform

Representatives of more than 20 countries discussed effective strategic communications applied by governments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Online session was held based on the initiative of the Astana Civil Service Hub (ACSH), supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).… > > >