Preschools educators have learnt innovative education techniques

More than 100 preschool educators from all over the country participated in the republican seminar “Preschool education development in the context of modern requirements”, organized by the Republican State Enterprise Kindergarten “Karlygash” of the Medical Center of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Medical Center).

Leading experts, scholars and practitioners in the area of pre-school education gathered in the capital to exchange the best practices and discuss innovative methods of educating preschool-age children.

The seminar was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MES RK), the capital’s Education Modernization Center, the National Research and Practical Educational Center “Bobek”, as well as the leading national universities and pre-school organizations.

Opening the work of the seminar, the Head of the Medical Center Alexey Tsoi noted: “Over the last 10 years our teachers and instructors have learnt the best international practices and adapted them to the local context. Now we are ready to share the lessons learnt and the accumulated knowledge with the preschool educators across the country”.

The Managing Director of the International Science Complex Astana Serik Irsaliev emphasized the crucial role of preschool education in character formation of any person, and stressed the importance of paying it a due attention. “In Kazakhstan, each level of education has its own growth points: secondary education has Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and the “Daryn” Center, technical and vocational education has the Holding “Kasipkor”, and higher education has Nazarbayev University and the Bolashak program. The Karlygash kindergarten should undertake this mission for preschool education and become the driving force of enhancing its quality and creating the best practices”, – he noted.

Seminar participants learnt unique teaching techniques such as the “language immersion method” for learning Kazakh and “Singapore technologies” for developing 4Cs: creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Participants also highlighted the importance of STEAM-technology, which is aimed at developing robotics and math skills.

Furthermore, the participants attended master classes on effective pre-school management, ethnopedagogy, the best preschool digitalization practices, health technologies and other techniques.

Representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science expressed a high interest in the kindergarten’s regulatory documents on medical support and safety provisions of children in preschools to distribute them across the country.

Within the seminar, the Medical Center concluded bilateral Memoranda of Cooperation with the International Science Complex Astana, National Center for Professional Development «Orleu» and the Humanitarian College of the Nur-Sultan Department of Education.

The seminar was organized to share the “Karlykash” kindergarten’s unique experience with the pre-schools of the country, to enhance educators’ competencies and to improve the quality of the national pre-school education system.


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