You are not Lazy, Bored, or Unmotivated

“I am not motivated” is lie statement. Not motivated to do what? Work?

In that case, are you motivated to avoid it? Every action human beings ever take is driven by some kind of incentive, whether it is money, or happiness, or peace , or satisfying

your conscience. Your motivation may not always be obvious, but it is always there.


If you hate every second of the workday, you are not unmotivated to change your job.

But you have not , which means there’s something holding you back. For some reason,

It feels like you can’t make the change. It’s too hard, requires too much effort, makes you too vulnerable to rejection. So you don’t even try. But that’s entirely different from not being motivated, and it’s only a sign that it’s only a sign that to dig into this feeling.



We just pretend to be bored so we can keep filling our days with meaningless distractions,

like small talk on Tinder, because we know what lies beneath the stillness: existential dread. Go through the door of boredom, and that’s what you will find.


The great scientist and mathematician Blaise Pascal once said: “ All of the humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” You’re not bored.

You’re terrified of being alone with yourself in your own head.


Laziness is the scapegoat of everyone who’s trying to capitalize on your claim of “being bored” . “You’re not bored- you are boring!” is what they will tell you. You need a hobby, or a calling , or a 250$ fitness program with a personalized meal plan.

Make a promise to yourself

You are not unmotivated. You are not lazy. You are not bored. You are afraid. 

We are all afraid. And yet, we are still here. So every day, choose to be here,moving forward.

                                                                                                    Bayanova Amina


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