The impact of bad news on human mind

Living in the century, where there’s a lot of information it is impossible to ignore what is happening around, because there are many accidents every hour, which are transmitted from the Internet, TV, radio and newspapers.
Did you know that bad news influence our health from the bad side?

“When our brain perceives a threatening situation, our bodies begin to produce stress hormones that enter the brain and may modulate memories of stressful or negative events” said Sonia Lupien, director of the Centre for Studies on Human Stress in Montreal.

American scientists conducted research on the effects of television and Internet messages on the human body, and concluded that viewing bad news has a definite impact on the human psyche, even at the deepest physiological level. Participants of the experiment were more than 4,500 adult Americans. After the terrorist attack during the Boston Marathon, where three people died and another 260 had been injured, the test subjects followed the news about this event for more than six hours, primarily in the electronic media. The participants were observed by doctors: they made cardiograms and electroencephalograms. Over the next few days, they began to experience post-traumatic stress, which manifested itself in panic attacks in transport, lack of appetite, sleep disturbances and general weakness of the body.

According the results of experiment of American scientists has shown that many participants in the experiment had a higher degree of negative mental stress than those who were directly at the site of the tragedy.

To clarify this, we conducted experiment, showing the news release “24Habar”(31.03.2019) to 5 people. We asked each participant to tell us what their main worry was at that time, and then we asked them to think about this worry during the interview.

“When I watched the news release, I felt upset. After that I thought about it an hour. That is why, I don’t like to watch news”.

“I really don’t watch and don’t like to watch news. Because, when I hear negative news my mood drops”.

It shows that majority of participants face heightened threats to their mental health.
Due to the results of the survey conducted by journalists, we can say that the news really affects people badly, as four out of five said they felt anxious while watching the release.

There are a lot of bad events that happen in the world, and it is probably right that people should know about these things, but don’t get hung up on it.

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