Provocations on the verge of exhaustion

We live in a time where any information transmitted to us from TVs, radios, various gadgets, allows us to learn about everything that is happening in the world. It is also important to note that words transmitted through the media can influence observers to observe it. Nowadays, the media has evolved from simple means of searching, processing and transmitting news into means that govern, transforming the inner and spiritual worlds of man. Instead of developing the horizons of human consciousness, giving it independence in judgments, modern media increasingly control the consciousness of the masses with the help of replicated standards of manipulation.


The reader pays attention to the bright title, even if he does not open the news immediately, then after frequent flashing on the screen, he will still pay attention to it. To do this, the yellow press pays for advertising to social networks, showing various news to users, filtering them by the age of readers and areas of interest to them. All this information is easy to get in cooperation with social networks, accessing the database of users, that is, learning more about a specific age category, identify the most active area of interest and run ads.

Throughout the day, readers receive information from the articles they read. That is, reading the work of the author, they begin to trust him and agree with his opinion, creating a trusting relationship. This has an impact on obtaining information not only from authors who write useful and interesting articles, but also scandalous gossip, regardless of the fact that readers do not know the author, they can habitually believe in what is written. This is due to the fact that they are accustomed to meet more reliable information.  One article can affect society and its opinion, and thus spoil the honor of another person. This is what leads first of all to a glut of information flow, which becomes larger and stronger every day. All of this makes people think “ ” Is it possible to find the truth on the Internet?”.

Bayanova Amina



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