“Ninety One” has become a winner of the Korean Show

Famous Kazakhstani group “Ninety one” has become a winner of a TV show “I can see your voice”, which is broadcasted in Korean national channel MNET.

“I can see your voice” is a first show competition, where even those who can not sing might win. The concept of the show is simple. There is a new invites guest in every episode. The task for the guest is to guess who can not sing among the show participants, using different tips, hints and experts’ help. Nobody knows the vocal abilities of performers until they are excluded. In the end of the episode there is one winner left, who sooner has to sing in duet with the invited guest. If the winner is the one who is good at singing, he/she wins an opportunity to record a single. If the winner is the person who can not sing, the prize is 4,5 thousand dollars.

Kazakh boys-band successfully passed the casting and were among the six participants of the show. The invited guest was female k-pop group Mamamoo.

“Interest in the works of Kazakhstani group has sharply increased, which is evidenced by the increase in the number of subscribers in all social networks, as well as positive comments from foreign fans under the clips of the group. Ninety One gradually conquers the world market and the victory in Korea is only the first step to this”,-said Yerbolat Bedelhan.

Ozenbayeva Nazym


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