Marriages and divorces in Kazakhstan

Nowadays there are many different problems, but one of the important problems is divorces in Kazakhstan. What do you think, is it worth to open schools for young families so that the marriages are stronger and divorces are fewer?

Did you know that the number of divorces in Kazakhstan is increasing every year? Most of all divorces are observed in the Karaganda region, the least in the west of Kazakhstan. According to the Committee, most often for divorce is filed by people aged 30 to 34 years who have been married for five to nine years.

It is impossible to name the specific reason for the growth of divorces, but there are still the main reasons such as: lack of family values, pride and prejudice, inability to forgive, different goals when entering into marriage, selfishness, non-recognition of their mistakes and guilt, betrayal, various kinds of addiction, alcohol, drug addiction, Internet addiction, lack of deep relationship, superficial attitude and lack of understanding. Most of these problems are easily solved if you turn to a family counselor in time. Basically, women are the first to turn to a psychologist because of their openness and emotionality. Did you know that in the west of Kazakhstan the marriages are the strongest? According to statistics, people divorce there very rarely, but who would take over the family bond, so it is Almaty and Karaganda. In these cities, divorces are made out most often. Kazakhstanis love international marriages. Kazakhs are less likely to choose companions of a different nationality. In Almaty, Zhambyl and East Kazakhstan regions, brides leave the parental home as early as 16 years. Nevertheless among the guys in early marriage, the Atyrau region is leading. Childless couples began to file for divorce online. Most often this is done by residents of Shymkent, Turkestan and Almaty. Over the past 10 years, Kazakhstanis have concluded more than 1.5 million marriages. Every third of them fell apart.

For this reason, I think it is worthwhile to open a school for young couples so that they can learn to live together, learn to share with each other and understand each other better.

Dyuikenova Ruzana


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