How to carry out the evaluation of employee performance

The work employees perform is always evaluated and the evaluation employees get can be a key factor to inspire them and improve the quality of work. However, evaluation process has its own features and being able to objectively evaluate is a good quality.

What are the main tips of evaluating employees correctly?
Firstly, it’s important to see the percentage of the tasks completed on time. It shows employee’s responsibility and attitude to work. Employees should always be given deadlines and the more they manage to do on time – the better.

Second is employee’s responsiveness to feedback. Feedback must be perceived correctly. Ideal worker takes feedback and thinks critically in order to improve the quality of the work.
Customer feedback also should be count. Employees with negative customer feedback is obviously not a great worker.

Next is the quality of work. Managing to complete tasks before deadline is a good ability, but does it make sense if the quality of work is low? Quality before quantity!

Level of creativity should be evaluated too. Being able to think out of the box is valued at this times. Identical employees doing the same job will not contribute to the progress.

Not less important is to evaluate performance, not personality. That’s why objectiveness, criticism, honesty and realism are the main qualities for the one who evaluates.

Nobody likes being judged, so it’s better to be in good relationships with your employees, have a special approach to each and listen to them.

Ozenbayeva Nazym


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