Andijan region

On the night of 25 to 26 may this year, a group of two or three bandits carried out an armed attack using an explosive device on a police checkpoint at the entrance to the city of Khanabad, Andijan region. During the ensuing firefight, one police officer and one of the attacking bandits were injured. As a result of the received repulse under the cover of night bandits managed to disappear.
At 13: 45-14: 00 on may 26 this year on fitrata street in the city of Andijan the unknown man made self-explosion as a result of which one police officer was lost and some citizens got wounds. According to preliminary data, a group of bandits entered the territory of the Andijan region from neighboring Kyrgyzstan. Currently, in the city of Andijan established and operating operational headquarters, which included representatives of all law enforcement agencies of the Republic. Operational search activities and investigations are underway
                                   Bayanova Amina


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